Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dane is coming soon!

For the last few weeks the doctors have been keeping a close eye on my blood pressure b/c it has slowly been climbing up. I have also had terrible swelling so bad in my feet that i can't tie my shoes :(. I had a regular scheduled BP check on Friday afternoon after work. When i got there my BP was 160/90 so they had me rest a while and rechecked it... it was still 140/90. Soooo they sent me to labor and delivery for further monitoring. Although my BP did come down it took several hours and this concerned the doctor. She said that she wanted me off work immediately (i was supposed to work the next day) and to go home on bedrest until they could get me in for an induction. Her fear is that pre-eclampsia would set in.
So, i'm home now, just waiting. They could do the induction either Wednesday or Thursday... i chose Thursday b/c i like the doctor that is on that day better (haha) and it is Dane's original due date. So i guess he will be one of those 3-5% of babies that are actually born on their due dates! We got to the hospital at 7:30 on Thursday morning and they will start pitocin drip. I had hoped to avoid induction, but i guess sometimes things don't go as planned.
We hope and pray things go well and if all goes as planned we should have our little boy sometime on Thursday March 18th!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dane William Corbin

We have finally decided on a name! Our little guy will be Dane William Corbin. This is one of the names we had picked out before we ever knew it was a boy. We have both always liked it and after tinkering with a few other names decided we both loved this one. He feels like a Dane to me, so we went with it :) Now, we can't wait to meet him!
We have been working hard in his room! We bought letters, sanded, painted, and hung them above his bed and added wall decals to match the bedding. I have been painting frames and getting pictures together to put in them. All we lack in hanging the canvas pictures that go with the bedding (due to come in any day) and putting together a small bookshelf for all his stuffed animals and the book collection which already has a good start (yay!) Now all we need is him :)

I will be 36 weeks on Thursday and it seems so close, yet so far away! My BP has started creeping up and having some swelling. Doctor has put me on modified bedrest, which basically means i'm a prisoner in my house and should stay off my feet as much as possible. I can tell you i am already not enjoying that and i've only been at it for a day and a half. They drew some labs yesterday and hopefully all will come back well and i can go back to work on Friday after my THursday doctor's appointment. I have been very blessed to not have any problems with this pregnancy and hope it continues to go smoothly.
Clint and I bought a new vehicle this weekend. Well, new to us. It's a 2006 Jeep Commander. Clint is having to give up his truck which makes him sad, but we needed something big enough to fit the two of us, baby, and dogs...... makes us feel grown up now! ha!

I had my last baby shower on Feb. 7th hosted by my co-workers. I got the last few things i really needed and we had a great time. Lots of food, games, and fun! I am lucky to have such good friends that are truly my family away from family.
We are so very blessed to be given the life we have. I hope the next few weeks fly by so we can begin the new chapter of our life with our son.

The hosts of the shower... Brandy and Maria

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Baby Boy Corbin

Clint and I decided we couldn't wait any longer to see our little guy so we went to a 3d ultrasound studio to get a peek! It was such a wonderful experience and we loved to getting to see him move around in there. Made us even more excited and anxious to meet him! These were done when i was 31 weeks and 6 days

Christmas and Baby Shower #2

Clint and I had a great Christmas. Unfortunatly I had to work Christmas Day so we celebrated Christmas together on Christmas Eve. We headed to TN the day after Christmas to spend an entire week with our families. It was so nice to see everyone and the last time we will be home until June or July when we will be bringing our little boy with us!
We had a baby shower with Clint's side of the family. It was a nice evening and we got lots of stuff for our little guy! We can't believe how close it is getting to time for him to be here. After all the wedding and baby showers i have had in the last year it was nice for Clint to get to experience a shower as well. We were lucky enough to get to meet Baby Sophie while we were there! Can't wait until she gets to meet our little boy!
We miss our families terribly and truly cherish the time we get to spend with them!
The week before Christmas i entered my third trimester! Time is flying.

Clint wasn't sure what this was, could you tell??

All our lovely gifts

Leah hosted the shower for us!

Clint and Me.... one of the few pictures we have together while i'm pregnant

Baby Boy's first UT outfit.

The Nursery

Evidently I am not to great at the blogging thing :) Over two months since the last blog with plenty going on!
While we are not done with the nursery yet I thought i would share some of what is going on in there! Clint has worked really hard painting and putting all the furniture together by himself :) I appreciate it. I have spent hours getting clothes and all the baby gear organized and ready for our little baby boy. We still don't have anything on the wall and that is my next project and would like to get a small bookcase to go in so we can display the "knick knack" things and frames he has received. And of course we still have to buy a mattress :) But I think it's coming together nicely.
Clint was the camera man for the nursery video and he made sure the dogs had a little cameo appearance at the end. HaHa

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Shower!

I traveled to Tennessee last week.... while we were having a nor'easter storm in Virginia. Luckily the rain/winds stopped in time for me to fly out on Friday (the 13th) morning. Very uneventful trip. Flying did not seem to bother the baby. He is really moving now and his kicks are getting stronger everyday. What an amazing feeling :)
While in Adamsville I was able to go to my brother, John Michael's, football game. They won!!!! And now are able to advance to the 3rd round on the playoffs. The Cardinals have had a great year. It was a lot of fun to go to the game and see everyone and see how the town is really supporting the team. It definatly wasn't like that when i went to school there.... but then again we didn't win to many games then either! They have only lost one game all year. I am very proud of and excited for John Michael!
On Saturday Emma, Janice (my best friend from home), and I went to Jackson because I didn't have anything to wear to the shower. Well, just so everyone knows no one seems to make maternity dresses!!!! We looked for hours! I even tried to wear a regular size, but i have just gotten to big!!! Finally bought the ONLY dress we could find and we were ready for the shower!
The shower was Sunday and it was wonderful. It was hosted by Emma and Janice and they did a wonderful job. I had such a good time and got so many nice things. There were about 35-40 people there and many i had not seen in a very long time. I must admit the baby presents are much more fun than the wedding presents :) I got so many things i would have to mention them here for fear of leaving things out. Sara made me a beautiful blanket with a "C" on it and i know it will be a beautiful blanket for "coming home". I also received a quilt that my Auntie and great grandmother--Granny Browder pieced many years ago and was quilted by Sara. I love having things that people made. I got lots of clothes, the bouncy seat i had picked out from Gran, his first piggy bank and baby book from my mom, the cutest swing, and gift cards galore! Can't wait to go on a shopping spree for him!
I ended the weekend (on Monday) meeting Clint's mom and grandmother in Nashville. We had fun doing a little shopping at Opry Mills and eating at Cracker Barrell before they took me to the airport.
It truly was a lovely weekend and i was so glad to see all of my family. I miss them so much and look forward to one day living closer to home. I am truly blessed with a loving and supportive family. I know everyone is so excited for the little guy to get here!
Oh, Clint stayed here all weekend by himself with the dogs. He was very happy for Baby and me to return home! We took the dogs and the four of us went and had Christmas pictures made so look for your Christmas card soon!!

Me and My belly---23 weeks

Clint's family

The hostess' of the shower

Some of my Gran's side of the family

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New To Blogging

I wanted to create a page that our families and friends could come and "check up on us" since we live so far away. It is my hope to keep this updated with important information and pics from the pregnancy and ESPECIALLY once the baby arrives!
Clint and I feel like we are so blessed and the blessings just keep coming! After marrying on April 11, 2009 we found our we were expecting our first baby on July 11, 2009... not exactly planned but very much welcomed. Since then we have found our we are having a little BOY and he is due to arrive March 18, 2010.
At our last doctor appointment (October 28th) we had our second confirmation that we are having a boy, he weighed approximately 13 ounces, and he is quite stubborn... the ultra sound tech had me get up move around, empty my bladder, etc just so she could get the pictures she needed. She finally got them and we got the wonderful report that everyone looked wonderful with our little guy.
We still don't have a name for him. Clint and I are battling that every day :) We have it narrowed down to a couple of names but have decided to keep them to ourselves until we make a final decision. Which will hopefully come soon! We have decided the middle name will be William after Clint and a long line of men in his family. I know when we decide we will have the perfect name for him :)
He is a very active guy. I was sitting on the couch a few nights ago and Chasper was sitting on my lap with his body touching my belly and the baby decided to start dancing. Evidently they were strong enough Chasper felt him and kept looking at my belly like "would you please stop! I'm trying to sleep" ha! We hope the dogs will adjust well to the baby.... they are our babies too :)
I have my first baby shower this weekend in Adamsville and I am so excited! I will share pics when I get back to Virginia.

This is baby boy Corbin in the lower right hand corner.. sucking his thumb :) Picture was taken at 16 weeks and 6 days.

This is me at 20 weeks! Finally showing a little baby bump :)