Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dane is coming soon!

For the last few weeks the doctors have been keeping a close eye on my blood pressure b/c it has slowly been climbing up. I have also had terrible swelling so bad in my feet that i can't tie my shoes :(. I had a regular scheduled BP check on Friday afternoon after work. When i got there my BP was 160/90 so they had me rest a while and rechecked it... it was still 140/90. Soooo they sent me to labor and delivery for further monitoring. Although my BP did come down it took several hours and this concerned the doctor. She said that she wanted me off work immediately (i was supposed to work the next day) and to go home on bedrest until they could get me in for an induction. Her fear is that pre-eclampsia would set in.
So, i'm home now, just waiting. They could do the induction either Wednesday or Thursday... i chose Thursday b/c i like the doctor that is on that day better (haha) and it is Dane's original due date. So i guess he will be one of those 3-5% of babies that are actually born on their due dates! We got to the hospital at 7:30 on Thursday morning and they will start pitocin drip. I had hoped to avoid induction, but i guess sometimes things don't go as planned.
We hope and pray things go well and if all goes as planned we should have our little boy sometime on Thursday March 18th!