Thursday, November 19, 2009

Baby Shower!

I traveled to Tennessee last week.... while we were having a nor'easter storm in Virginia. Luckily the rain/winds stopped in time for me to fly out on Friday (the 13th) morning. Very uneventful trip. Flying did not seem to bother the baby. He is really moving now and his kicks are getting stronger everyday. What an amazing feeling :)
While in Adamsville I was able to go to my brother, John Michael's, football game. They won!!!! And now are able to advance to the 3rd round on the playoffs. The Cardinals have had a great year. It was a lot of fun to go to the game and see everyone and see how the town is really supporting the team. It definatly wasn't like that when i went to school there.... but then again we didn't win to many games then either! They have only lost one game all year. I am very proud of and excited for John Michael!
On Saturday Emma, Janice (my best friend from home), and I went to Jackson because I didn't have anything to wear to the shower. Well, just so everyone knows no one seems to make maternity dresses!!!! We looked for hours! I even tried to wear a regular size, but i have just gotten to big!!! Finally bought the ONLY dress we could find and we were ready for the shower!
The shower was Sunday and it was wonderful. It was hosted by Emma and Janice and they did a wonderful job. I had such a good time and got so many nice things. There were about 35-40 people there and many i had not seen in a very long time. I must admit the baby presents are much more fun than the wedding presents :) I got so many things i would have to mention them here for fear of leaving things out. Sara made me a beautiful blanket with a "C" on it and i know it will be a beautiful blanket for "coming home". I also received a quilt that my Auntie and great grandmother--Granny Browder pieced many years ago and was quilted by Sara. I love having things that people made. I got lots of clothes, the bouncy seat i had picked out from Gran, his first piggy bank and baby book from my mom, the cutest swing, and gift cards galore! Can't wait to go on a shopping spree for him!
I ended the weekend (on Monday) meeting Clint's mom and grandmother in Nashville. We had fun doing a little shopping at Opry Mills and eating at Cracker Barrell before they took me to the airport.
It truly was a lovely weekend and i was so glad to see all of my family. I miss them so much and look forward to one day living closer to home. I am truly blessed with a loving and supportive family. I know everyone is so excited for the little guy to get here!
Oh, Clint stayed here all weekend by himself with the dogs. He was very happy for Baby and me to return home! We took the dogs and the four of us went and had Christmas pictures made so look for your Christmas card soon!!

Me and My belly---23 weeks

Clint's family

The hostess' of the shower

Some of my Gran's side of the family

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  1. You had a wonderful shower!!!! It was so good to get to see you while you are pregnant!!! You are glowing and so beautiful!!The baby is all set now with lots of great things to wear and play with!!
    Hope to get to see ya'll at Christmas!!